Friday, October 24, 2014

Week 9- It Just Keeps Getting Worse

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, last Saturday happened. I could be talking about my official wagers or the Florida-Mizzou game. Take your pick. Both were abject disasters. I'm not quite the Jeff Driskel of College Football wagering in 2014 but things are certainly trending in that direction. Thankfully, mercifully the Gators have a bye this week. All the better to rest up for the wood shedding that awaits them in Jacksonville on November 1st. Sadly, for me, I don't get a bye this week. So make some money and go against me.
Rutgers +20 at Nebraska- TR was a week earlier with his 'take Rutgers and all those points on the road' advice. Ohio State has turned into a wrecking ball over the last month. Nebraska is still the Nebraska that we've come to know under Bo Pelini. Good, not great. Near the top of the sorry Big Ten but not at the top or elite. Rutgers bounces back and covers.

Mississippi -3 at LSU- The Tigers are a very popular pick to pull the upset this weekend. This is a by product of (a) this game being played at night in Tiger Stadium and (b) a general skepticism that still exists toward Ole Miss. Both of these a fine reasons. I'm not buying either of them. I'm a believer in the Ole Miss defense and I still think LSU is a below average SEC team this year. A night game in Baton Rouge helps keep things close before the Rebels pull away in the second half.

Texas +10 at Kansas State- Kansas State is coming off a win at Oklahoma. A win that included a pick six from mediocre Sooner QB Trevor Knight, a missed OU extra point and a missed 19 yard Oklahoma FG late in the 4th quarter. Kansas State's defense is legit as they've shown against Auburn and last week against Oklahoma. The Wildcat offense, on the other hand, is average and now QB Jake Waters is banged up. Texas has quietly come together in recent weeks. They followed up a gutsy game against Oklahoma with a last minute victory on the road at Iowa State last week. Charlie Strong knows what he's doing. If only Florida had a guy like Strong on their staff before they chose Will Muschamp to succeed Urban Meyer...(siiiiiigh). Hook Em.

Mark has been good to me this year but I expect him to turn it around. Looks like he has a good opportunity here with a head-to-head matchup at LSU. To the picks of Danimal!

Mississippi Rebels -3 at LSU Tigers
Mississippi heads to Baton Rouge unbeaten against the spread at 6-0-1, and….unbeaten. They’re quite good on both sides of the ball and more accurately they have an exceptional defense, #1 in the SEC West. Average yards per carry for the Vols last week? 0.0 Another factoid – they are undefeated against the Spread this year at 6-0-1.

LSU kicked the poop out of Kentucky last weekend 41-3. Many thought Kentucky had a chance after LSU’s season to date. They were mistaken. Though in their last 4 contests they’ve dropped games to Auburn where they were demolished and Mississippi State which we all know now was the Bulldogs’ coming out party (and Florida almost beat them, sadly) LSU believes they are still in the mix and they certainly will be with a win here. Baton Rouge is going to be cray cray on Saturday. If LSU ties or wins the turnover battle, I think they win the game.
Tigers. Hear them roar.

Oregon -17.5 at Cal
Ranked #6th are the Ducks, bright-eyed and bushy tailed as they head toward the finish knowing they are so very much in the thick of things with what has and will continue to happen in the SEC, ND’s loss (with likely another one to come imo), and their reasonably easy schedule the remainder of the year. This year’s slip-up, to their fortune, came early against Arizona. With the Bears’ D 120th in the land, Oregon’s Offense 6th, I look for Oregon to put a ginormous beat down on Cal. I’ll go ahead and give the rare score prediction here – Oregon 55 Cal 24
Michigan +17 at Michigan State
It has likely been a decade, maybe two? since either in this game were favored by more than two touchdowns. There is no reason Michigan State won’t win this by 4 or more touchdowns. None I say!
Well, maybe there is. This is it for Michigan. This and the Ohio State game. Their season is over and for the seniors their careers. For many, how they play in this one will define them as players. As a team. And as men! They have been humiliated, the butt of many a joke. I expect the Spartans to be a little lackadaisical here, a little overconfident with their success and their rival’s lack thereof. I think something nutty is going to happen here. I’ve gotta feelin about this. Michigan State wins by 16 and the UM covers. And the Predator pic is a shout out to Buckles.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Post, Interrupted

I'd planned to post our annual Tribe Hoops preview today, but I got a call from my boss at 10:30* asking for some changes to a presentation, so my prolix plans were postponed. Instead, far fewer words about music.

(* EST. Worse for him than for me, as I'm in Minnesota.)

Zman alerted us to the brilliance of Birmingham's St. Paul & The Broken Bones a few days ago in the comments section, and we had a group moment. Then, in Williamsburg, Marls and I had a conversation with FOG:TB Dave Fairbank, a fellow-traveler music fan, in which I tipped the veteran Daily Press scribe to the band's brilliance. Or so I thought.

He gave me a half-smile, reached into his laptop case, and pulled out...a copy of Half the City, the band's debut album. It was a cosmic convergence like we haven't seen since Gheorghefest, at least.

And a sign that we need to fill some space with SP&TBB videos. My mind remains blown. These guys are phenomenal.

This post also doubles as a heads up for our Charlottesville readers, as the band plays tonight at The Jefferson, which in its own right is a pretty cool little joint. Get some.

And as a little lagniappe for our viewing audience, when I semi-drunkenly tweeted another FOGTB, Mike Litos, about the band, he gave me this gift in return:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday Filler

In the event no one was planning on putting in some filler, I offer this. I stumbled upon it on the tweeter a few weeks ago and placed in my back pocket for just this sort of day.
Looks like the South Florida Floridians filled out a few more surveys than the rest of us Floridians. And they like the Sidecar out west. Fuckin hippies. Sex on the Beach is pretty popular where there are no beaches. And you Virginia peeps like the Pisco Sours. Whaa??? Yeah, Pisco Sours, of course.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Now You Tell Me

I dropped a link to a Fast Company story about American drinking and hangover habits into the drafts folder several months ago, figuring it'd be a decent filler at some point. Now, as I finally get back to it and actually read the story, I'm kicking myself. It would've been really helpful had I read it two days ago.

A company called Blowfish markets what they purport to be the most effective hangover cure on the market. In their words, 
Blowfish is a lemon-flavored fizzy tablet that will stop the pounding in your hungover head faster than you can imagine. It’s the only hangover product with a formulation recognized as effective by the FDA (which is kind of a big deal). Doctors use it. Bartenders swear by it. And we guarantee it’s the best remedy out there – so you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose by trying it (except, you know, your hangover).
I started drinking at around 1:00 p.m. yesterday, on a postcard perfect fall afternoon in Williamsburg. I stopped sometime around 2:00 in the morning, though the details are a bit fuzzy. Clarence claims he saw me and another of our friends struggling to get into our hotel room at around that time, which sounds odd to me, as I think I remember leaving him with some other friends in an entirely different hotel room.

Either way, my 7:00 a.m. wakeup call this morning found me somewhere between groggy and abjectly addled. You all know the symptoms, so I'll spare the litany, but this hangover had (still has, really) representation from the entire catalogue. An effervescent assist would've been blessed.

According to Blowfish's research, aptly named Intoxication Nation, Virginia is the 34th-most hungover state in the Union. However, the District of Columbia clocks in at the top of the charts, the single most-hungover jurisdiction in all the land. And since there are large parts of the Old Dominion that considers Northern Virginia essentially an extension of D.C., I feel it appropriate to claim residency in our Nation's Capital, at least for this express purpose. I've certainly lived up (down) to it today.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

What is this, Week 8?

Week 8 Picks! Yeah! I write this from Winchester, post mini-summit with the Marls which was also our first time meeting. A wonderful chap he is if you have not had the pleasure. Mr. KQ - next time my friend. I regret only having a couple of hours to spare but my homeland was calling.

If keeping track at home, you've figured out that Mark and I are pretty bad at picking games. As compared to last year at this time, Mark was around 5 or 6 games above .500 and I 1 or 2 games above .500. Today, Mark is 6-14-1 and 9-12 for yours truly. This weekend we make some changes though. Right Mark? AndI'd like to apologize again for last week's half-ass effort. 'Twas on the annual golf trip with my laddy's. Well let's get onto it shall we?

Syracuse -5 at Wake Forest
I thought I'd start off with a bang here. It'd be interesting to see the TV ratings on the ND/FSU game IF everyone were required to first watch in its entirety, this shitshow of a football game. The doormat of ACC. Hell, the doormat of college football are these two. Five points seems like 3 touchdowns but what the hay. Syracuse has scored some points against far greater opponents including 20 against FSU and 15 against ND, with a few turnovers mind you. Wake has had far less success so for that reason, I gotta go with the 'Cuse.
'Cuse is in house omygod omygod.
Stanford -3.5 at Arizona State
That thar is a head-scratcher. If I'd guess this spread without seeing it I would have figured Stanford by a touchdown. Admittedly, and I'm sure this is of no surprise to anyone, I don't do much research on these games. Much of it is what I've seen and perceive from usually just one of the teams. And what I've seen from Stanford is a team that probably got a little more hype pre-season than it should have. Their offensive line and thus running game is pretty similar to the Jaguars of Jacksonville. My guess of a -7 point spread was more due to ASU being annihilated by UCLA last week 62-27 rather than Cardinal superiority.
Sun Devils
Notre Dame +11.5 at Florida State University
Yup. I'm going against my pre-season edict of not, under any circumstances, betting on an ND contest. Ignoring this game this weekend here at GTB would simply be sacrilege. 'nah gonna do it.
So what's going to happen? One of two things - ND loses by 2 or more touchdowns or they win by a couple. I don't see a middle ground here. One concern for ND is their recent propensity to turn the ball over multiple times per game. Golson alone has 9 of 'em in the last 3 games. Nine times? Nine times! Nine times? Yes, NINE TIMES. Throw in a few more among the other guys and out comes a struggle against Syracuse, and a game they could have lost against UNC. The concern though is also somewhat of a silver lining. Not too many teams regardless of who they are playing will/could come out with wins with that many TO's. The other concern is ND's secondary combined with their blitz packages that when executed flawlessly are effective. When not, not effective? Yeah, not effective. I don't see Winston having any problems play-wise with his distractions this week. He'll play well and so will FSU despite their recent challenges. Everyone gets up to play FSU and everyone gets up to play ND. Should be a good'n. And I'm going with the Irish. Shocker of the day right?
Last Week was a fucking debacle. Danimal and I both went ofer on our picks and I missed Florida blowing an extremely winnable game against LSU because the PGA National Reesort doesn't get the SEC Network. Things have to turn around this week, right? RIGHT?

Kentucky +10.5 at LSU- This is your Daddy's Kentucky team. That's because your Dad's Kentucky team played basketball and was coached by Joe B. Hall. But seriously, Mark Stoops has Kentucky trending up. He's recruited extremely well and has developed those recruits. They should've beat Florida in the Swamp and did beat South Carolina in Lexington. LSU doesn't play defense like the Les Miles coached LSU team we're accustomed to seeing. LSU probably finds a way to win but the Wildcats cover.
Georgia at Arkansas +3.5- Arkansas was a missed extra point away from taking Nick Saban and the Tide to Overtime last week. While the record may not yet reflect it, Bret Bielema has a much improved Razorback squad. They have two big time tailbacks, an offensive line that's bigger than any NFL Offensive Line and a more than adequate QB. It's pretty impressive that's managed to turn this program into Wisconsin South in less than two years. Now he just needs and SEC win to show the nation and his boosters that things are moving in the right direction. Today's the day he gets that win. Woo Pig Sooey.
Tennessee +16.5 at Ole Miss- I was wrong. Ole Miss is for real. Dr. Bo isn't the scattershot QB we've seen the past two years and those stud recruits that Hugh Freeze has brought to Oxford the past two years have developed nicely. Quiet as it's kept, Butch Jones is doing similar things with the program in Knoxville (Side note: Everyone in the SEC seems to be improving, except Florida. Hey Dan Mullen! How, YOU, doing?). Tennessee's issue this year is that they had to replace every starter on both the Offensive and Defensive line. That's a tall task and the main reason we won't see a significant difference in Tennessee's Win-Loss record this year. They're better though and they have some legitimate talent at the skill positions. Enough talent to keep this game somewhat close. Take the Vols and the points.
(My site didn't have the FSU-Notre Dame line listed but I'm with Danimal. Take the Irish and points. If you've been paying attention the one good wager I've been making all year is taking the FSU opponent and the points. They're not the asme team this year. Not even close. FSU wins as usual but they don't cover. As usual.)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Real-Getting Reminder

While November's elections seem increasingly likely to herald at least two years of donkey dismay due to demographic destiny and dragging Democratic disapproval (bygones - started rolling with the alliteration and couldn't stop), there remains a bright spot in our Nation's Capital.

As we told you in August, ballot initiative 71 asks D.C. residents to decide whether to essentially legalize possession of marijuana for personal consumption. The measure is expected to pass by a large margin, and while it may well get hung up in Congress, it'll be yet another blow for the friends of common sense. Oregon's also likely to move closer to legalization in this election cycle. (See how I left that 'common sense' weed joke alone. Showed a lot of restraint there, no?)

In honor of what will likely be the only election result that folks like me will be smiling about on November 4, I've purchased Mark one of these shirts for his birthday. Here's the link for those of you that want your own.

Looking forward to a Williamsburg mini-summit with several Gheorghies this weekend. Just keep the lights on here, will you?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Red Hot Action

As we hunker down for the afternoon arrival of rainmegeddon here in the DMV, I found a video that might brighten up your day.  While it can't hold a candle to the Bullets' "You Da Man", this steaming pile of awesomeness is the perfect storm of mustaches from the 80's, acid wash jeans, matching polo shirts, bad synth music with goooooooooooooood awful lyrics, air trumpet playing and terrible lip synching.   Methinks that the folks up in Calgary could have used Shalra and KQ to help with the production of this one.    

You can't touch a flame when it's red hot!