Sunday, April 19, 2015

Everyday Sunshine: A Cross-Blog Joint

We're inspired this morning by Sentence of Dave's ode to the sun, and just about as motivated. In (sun)light of that, please enjoy a bunch of huge music names (seriously, Chuck D, George Clinton, Flea, Les Claypool, Questlove, Mike Watt, just to name a very few) genuflecting to the legendary Fishbone's legacy.

And for good measure, some live 'bonin:

Friday, April 17, 2015

Idiots Rule

I've always loved Green Day. They're everything a rock band should be - bombastic, whimsical, loud, fearless. Three chords and the truth, man. On top of all that, Billie Joe Armstrong is my kind (size) of people.

Not trying to steal Clarence's thunder here, as I eagerly await his annual(ish) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame post, but Green Day will be inducted tomorrow as part of the 2015 Hall of Fame class. Punks no more, for better or worse.

'American Idiot' is probably my favorite rock record. Full of righteous anger, head-nodding hooks, and arena rock wall of noise, it was a staple in my CD player (you younger folks may not remember those) for months and months after it was released.

So in honor of Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool elbowing their way to respectability, a little Green Day for you this morning.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Washington Wizards have a new logo

And we want your thoughts. Gone are the days of the glidin', finga rollin' Wiz man...

Replaced today with this new primary logo:

Sooooo, whatcha think? Let us know in the comments. I know one person (thing?) excited about the new look:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

For Those About to Rock (In a Thinly Disguised Attempt at World Domination)

You weren't mistaken.

You did hear a noise last week, a seemingly far off disturbance. The hairs on your arms stood on end, just a little. And you shuddered, though you didn't really know why.

On April 5, the Large Hadron Collider restarted after a two-year hibernation. The scientists/Illuminati at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) claim that the hiatus enabled them to upgrade the Collider's technology and refurbish the 27km (16.8 mile) tunnel. We should look no further than the obvious disconnect between the organization's name and its acronym for evidence that they remain up to no good.

Ostensibly, the next round of experiments conducted using the LHC seek to confirm the existence of dark matter, and its cousin, dark energy. (I don't know whether they are close cousins, or some sort of Greyjoy/Lannister thing. I fear we may find out, though.) The first experimental outcomes from this new round of experimentation have demonstrated a very different set of findings.

The LHC, friends, is trying to dominate us all through heavy metal. And I don't mean cadmium.

As reported by a CERN blog entitled The Cylindrical Onion (we see you, science satirists), a pair of researchers have translated the results from LHC tests seeking evidence of the Higgs Boson into musical notes. Scientist Piotr Tracyzk explains:

"The data (the points with error bars in the histogram) have low numbers of entries in the bins. Some bins are empty: an empty bin would correspond to a pause. A bin with X entries would correspond to a note X semitones above C# (I chose C# as the base note). I preferred to assign the notes of the chromatic scale (semitones) – and not, for example, a major scale – to give the data freedom to yield some crazy melodies. So the rhythm and the harmonic structure are also derived from the data. I figured that the resulting melody, if played low, could have been a guitar riff in a wacky heavy-metal song. A perfect match for the CMS guitar! So this was the guitar I used for the 4-lepton riff."

A wacky 4-lepton riff! I certainly don't need to tell you, an educated and worldly reader, what that implies.

It's coming for our kids. And it's bringing axe-wielding scientists.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Dave of Dave

Unless you're British, and a supporter of the Burnley Football Club or the owner of a fleet of minibuses, you might not know the name Dave Fishwick. Until yesterday, I'd never heard of the man. But today, courtesy of Men in Blazers, I'm caught up on one of Northern England's great entrepreneurs and a hell of a good listen.

(For what it's worth, even if you don't consider yourself an English football fan, the Men in Blazers podcast is worth your time. It's rich in pop culture, history, and self-deprecation, and a celebration of sport and whimsy.)

Dave Fishwick is a 43 year-old school dropout who made his fortune selling minibuses to the commercial market. He parlayed his charisma and drive to a highly successful enterprise, giving him enough personal wealth to a major sponsor of Burnley Football Club, currently in the Premiership. The Club's Turf Moor home park features the Dave Fishwick stand as one of its seating sections. As Fishwick explains in the video below, as lending for small commercial enterprises began to dry up in the face of the global economic downturn several years ago, he faced a business challenge:

His solution, lend the money himself. And even better for our purposes was the name he first gave to the bank, and then to a television program that amplified his populist message.

Dave Fishwick's customers patronize the Bank of Dave. 

I'm not the Team G:TB member with the marketing acumen. That's the Doofus Overlord's gift. (My gift, if you're asking, is coming up with excellent ideas and never executing them. And the ability to get into small spaces.) But if there was ever a circumstance tailor made for brand partnership, it's the potential for Sentence of Dave and Bank of Dave to build a relationship. Imagine the possibilities for a stateside audience as Sentence and Bank partner to deliver pithy content and competitive returns.

Someone make this happen.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

What Goes Around...

As the father of a pair of daughters growing up too quickly, I listen to way more pop radio than I'd prefer. (Though my oldest is rapidly transitioning into a pseudo-metal fan - this will be the subject of a later post.) The number 12 song on the Billboard 100 right now is a catchy tune by Cincinnati alternative band Walk the Moon entitled 'Shut Up and Dance'. I've heard it three dozen times if I've heard it once. And if I'm being honest, I kinda like it.

It's familiar, though. Title and all. Not a copy, mind you, but an homage. 80s sound, fated lovers, and destiny on the dance floor.

Compare, contrast:

Friday, April 10, 2015

Bhullar: The Blog

What's more Gheorghe than a 7'5" NBA baller? A 7'5" NBA baller who just happens to be the first player from his native land to hit the hardwood in the NBA, that's what.

Sim Bhullar, who you may remember from his days on New Mexico State, played all of 16 seconds in an NBA game for the Kings on Tuesday night, and then a night later made an actual bucket in a game to become the first player of Indian descent to score in an association contest (sure, he was born in Canadia, but his parents are from Punjab, India).

His signing has even led to the Kings rolling out a Hindi version of their team website. You can expect the Romanian version of G:TB to roll out sometime in 2019.